Well I’m trying to figure out how to use my github hosted domain name this morning. Any tips would be appreciated. What I want to do is just write article out there every once in a while is all.

Trying again

Is this working?

I shot this one at the Meyer Hotel.

A day out in the country.

Morning Yoga

We thought this was funny. It is like they are having sunrise yoga. I guess they are in the downward cow pose.

Morning sunrise yoga. Downward cow pose.

Hello and good morning from KC

Young Winery

This is a young winery that is worth a visit.

Sent from my secret bunker.

Wine Trolley Day


Just heading out for a test post … so you can ignore this one.

Sent from my secret bunker.


Hello and good morning peeps. Day one for me and whole 30 diet. Not my idea


Twitter got you down? Try taking your phone out for fresh air. - MIT Technology Review

good morning

Hey there everyone and good morning.

Thank you AT&T

It is about time


Good Morning

I just thought this looked cool.

New Notebook

I hope my daughter ….

Doesn’t see this article



I love visiting Canada. The people and family here are awesome

Here we go again 1x

Wonderful News


I mean assuming it doesn’t get stopped in the Senate

I’m a bit sad today. This is actually normal for me it appears on travel days.

Just out in the woods

Good Morning everyone

Just thought I would send out a quick message to see if it echo’d back.